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Airbrush Make Up

Airbrush Make Up


Welcome to The Upper Cut Salon in Burleson, Tx! If you are here, you are probably curious about the popular new way to look gorgeous for your next event: Airbrush Make Up! People are talking about it everywhere, which may leave some of you wondering what is so great about having your makeup airbrushed.

What is Airbrush MakeUp?Airbrush Make Up

When you choose, airbrush makeup you will get a flawless finish to your make up application. Instead of using a brush or sponge, your make-up artist will use an airbrush system that is very similar to the experience of a spray tan but on a smaller scale. Your make-up artist can apply different levels of coverage quickly and blend in other makeup too.

When to Use Airbrush MakeUp?

Airbrush make up is great for special occasions! Any time you want to look your very best for milestone occasions, pictures, or holidays. Airbrush make up looks fantastic in pictures but is light enough to wear comfortably with a natural look.

What to expect with Airbrush Make Up?

Every make-up artist has their own routine so this may vary from person to person. It’s very important that your skin is cleaned and moisturized so the make-up goes on smoothly. Your skin should be evaluated before to make sure it’s ready for the make-up to be applied. The artist when then add the product to the machine and apply to your skin. It’s absolutely painless and quick.

Special Occasion Hairstyles

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The make-up professionals at The Upper Cut Salon in Burleson love helping people look their very best on the most important days of their life’s. Contact Us today to make an appointment or to ask any question you may have about our services.

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