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Blow Outs

Blow Outs 

The Upper Cut Salon in Burleson, TX offers several salon services including blow outs! Why pay huge prices at a blowout bar when you can let us style you for the evening for less. Our stylists are all amazing at giving that Hollywood blowout look. What’s the difference between a blowout and a blow dry? This site explains it well. Essentially a blow dry is just removing moisture from the hair where as a blowout is using a round brush to remove moisture, smooth, and soften the hair with a curl or straight. When you get a blowout and curl your hair with the blow dry service the curls tend to last longer and are full of bounce and body! Upper Cut Salon offers several services including 

summer haircut

With a haircut and blow-dry starting at only $40 you can’t afford not to have us style your hair! 


Blow outs sound like they deserve a fancy occasion, but a blowout style can be worn for anything. Whether it’s a night out with the girls or a wedding a blowout hairstyle will last you thru the evening and into the next day. Most hair types can hold a blow out for 2 to 3 days so you get your money worth with this style! Upper Cut Salon uses quality professional products from shampoo to hairspray we offer 

A great tip to provide longevity to your hairstyle whether it’s a blow out or full curled style is lightly wrap your hair In a scarf before bedtime and also a silk pillowcase works wonders. Traditional cotton pillowcases absorb moisture and can dry your hair out and ruin your style where silk pillowcases provide a slip for your hair to move around on and keeps your hair bouncy and full of life! 

When you’re ready for your next style contact the amazing hairstylists at Upper Cut Salon in Burleson and unleash your hairs full potential! 

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