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Bright Hair Colors

Bright Hair Colors 

Summer is here and that means Bright Hair Colors! The Uppercut Salon in Burleson offers vivid colors just in time for your out of school kiddos to get the crazy hair colors they couldn’t have while school is in! Bright hair colors are’nt just for Kids, adults love to add fun pops of color too. Vivid hair colors are a great way to express creativity and show off your fun side. Check out these awesome bright color ideas. 

Bright Hair Maintanence

There are a few things to keep in mind when you get a bright hair color. Bright hair color is not permanent and therefore will require touch ups. The fun of this is you get to either keep the same color or switch it out for a new one! If you plan on swimming then you will need to plan on getting more frequent touchups or wearing a swim cap to keep your color from fading. A few other tips for maintaining the longevity of your vivid color are ..

  1. Use professional Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner 
  1. Shampoo less often. Every 3 days is best 
  1. Use cool water when shampooing 
  1. Keep hot tools below 350 degrees anything hotter will pull color out  

Application Process 

So you’ve decided to get bright colors. Next, you need to know what to expect when you’re getting the color applied! If your hair is already blonde you can absolutely have the color directly added to your hair, however, the color does not last as long on blonde virgin hair. This is a great option for kids who can’t have the color in school as it will be a quick fade out. The rule of thumb for bright colors is the lighter the hair the brighter the color. In this case, if you have darker hair or want a very vivid color your hair will need to be pre-lightened in order to have the color show super brightly.

Bright Hair Colors

For kids who need to go back to school, we can simply apply their natural color directly over the bright color or if its just the ends we can do a fresh cut to remove the dye. You can check out a list of starting prices for our services Here. We also have color removers specifically made to remove bright hair colors. For pastel colors, your hair will have to be the lightest possible blonde to show and may not be achievable for all hair types. Pastels also fade faster than most bright colors but they are just as beautiful. 

Ready For Bold Change 

Bold Haircolor Burleson

Now you know everything you need to know about bright colors so its time for a change. Bright colors are the newest trend and more accepted by young and old alike. You are never to old to express your style thru an awesome Bright hair color! Call us today to Schedule your Appointment or stop by for a free color consultation. At The Uppercut Salon we will help you find the best color for your new do and help make your hair color dream a reality! 

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