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Curly Hair Care

Natural curls 

Natural curly hair has a tendency to be dry and needs more love and care than straight hair. However curly hair care is something everyone with curly hair should learn to do. The better you treat your hair the better it will look and the easier it will be to style daily! Naturally, curly hair is drier because the oils from your scalp that naturally moisturizer your hair have a hard time traveling down the coils. Straight hair tends to be more oily since the oils just slide straight down. This makes it so much more important to moisturize your curls! The Upper Cut Salon in Burleson, TX has several talented Stylists trained in cutting and styling all hair texture including curly hair. You can be sure your in the right hands with us! 

curly hair care

Curly Hair Maintanace

Buy proffesional and buy everything! Your curls will manage themselves if you use the proper Products and especially in the Texas humidity your going to need quite a few products! 

  1. Shampoo-  For curly hair, we suggest a gentle but moisturizing shampoo such as Sebastian twisted styling cleanser or Amika Velveteen dream 
  2. Conditioner-Amika velveteen dream or Sebastian twisted elastic conditioner 
  3. Cleanditioner- If you have super dry curls then you will want to use a cleansing conditioner as to not over dry your tresses such as Amikas nice cream cleansing conditioner 
  4. Hair masque- once a week its always good to treat your hair to a deep conditoner! Amika’s soul food nourishing masque is a great one to use! 
  5. Leave in Oil- hair oil can help separate curls and also keep frizz at bay in the Texas weather. Wellas glam mist is a great light oil aerosol option. 
  6. Styling Aid-this product is based on preference. Some people like a mousse and some like a curl cream or gel. You know your hair choose what works best for you! 

You are always welcome to book a styling Appointment and ask your stylist to show you how to style your hair at home. Your stylist at Upper Cut Salon will show you what products will work best for your hair and how to use them! 


Don’t have natural curl but want to look like you do? Worry no more! The Upper Cut Salon in Burleson specializes in several different Perm Services. From beach waves to tight coils come in for a consultation and let one of our many stylists show you what style will work best for you. With perms starting at just $68 you can get the curls you’ve always dreamed of and still have plenty leftover to grab the products to ensure gorgeous curls! Also for you natural curly hair girls ask about our Keratin treatments! These treatments start at $200 but last for months and can give amazing results. Keratin treatments can unfrizz and re shape your coils cutting styling time down drastically and leaving your hair with incredible shine and bounce. 

Curly Hair Care

Call today to book your Appointment or stop by for a consultation today! We look forward to making you look like your best version of you! 

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