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Summer Hair to Dye For

Summer hair in 2019 is all about beachy boho vibes. Soft waves with sun-kissed ends. Nothing says Texas summer like blonde hair and tan skin! Whether you want to add just a sun-kissed natural blonde look to your mane or go full on playful blonde, The stylists at The Uppercut Salonin Burleson have got you covered.

Proper Hair Care For The Summer

Lightened hair does require more maintenance especially during the summer months when you are swimming. Swimming pools have many chemicals that can affect your freshly lightened or colored hair so you will want to use some at home Products to keep your blonde from turning the dreaded chlorine green! Also did you know your hair needs sunscreen too? Make sure you stop by and pick upa leave-in Product that contains adequate sunscreen when you are going to have prolonged sun exposure.

Summer Hair Don’t Care!

Need some summer color ideas? Check out these ideas:

Summer Hair

Bold Summer Hair

Schools out for the summer! Kids are always so excited when school lets out because that means they can wear all the fashion colors that school doesn’t allow during the year. Fashion colors allow you to express your wild side in a temporary way. The Uppercut Salonin Burleson can give you that wild color you or your kiddo has been waiting all year for. Come in for a consultation today. Fashion colors can be a bit of a learning curve for people who have never worn them. Here are a few things to know before committing to a fashion color service.

  1. Fashion colors are temporary and can last from 1 shampoo to 26 shampoos.
  2. Hair that isn’t already blonde may need to be pre-lightened before adding a fashion color. The lighter the hair the brighter the color
  3. You will need to use proper products to extend the longevity of your color. Not to worry we have plenty of color safe Products to choose from!
  4. If you plan on swimming a lot during the summer, then a fashion color may not be for you. Most chemicals in swimming pools will cause these types of color to fade easily
  5. Fashion colors may stain the hair. Some colors especially bold reds and blues can leave a longer lasting stain on the hair so you may need to schedule a follow up appointmentto re color the hair before school starts back up.
summer color

Now that you know a bit more about some of the expectations and maintenance of fashion colors it’s time to make an appointment! You can schedule with us or come in for a consultation.

Salon Services

 The Uppercut Salon offers appointments and walk-in services. Whether you are wanting to come in and have your hair styled for a concert or having a summer wedding, all of our stylists are sure to give you the perfect style for any occasion. Did you know we also offer specialty makeup for your events? Schedule your appointmenttoday!

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